The Promise

I feel everything you’ve been through every night..

I can’t believe how strong you are..

You are unbreakable…

A shining star..

And i just want you to know, that no matter where you go…

I’ll stand by your side and hold your head up high…

I’ll wipe away your tears and help your spirit fly..

I’ve seen you shattered too many times…

I don’t want you to carry along those lines…

Cause I can’t watch the tears in your eyes..

And i can’t take the continual lies…

Just share your pain with me…

In your eyes that shining light i want to see..

Hard day pass by so quick, it feels like you’ve been whipped with a stick..

I know you’re trying to hold on with your dear life..

But i just want to end this strife…

Give me your hand, i promise to be there for you..

I’ll be your strength when you’re down..

I’ll lift your spirits from the ground..

And you’ll never have to see that knife…

Cause i believe in you, no matter what yo say or do..

I love you…

*Sent by Arimbi’s Father, one beautiful morning..

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