Rambling Rambling

Guess what ! I am in the middle of Jakarta’s traffic, people! Haha.. Yes, i am stuck in the middle of melawai street where at the same time, I need to rush to Pejaten Village. For what ? Shopping ? Chatting ? Hm, nope! In order to improve my ability in English, I enrolled with EF. Oh, sh*t! There’s Metro Mini right beside my car, trying to block my way! Bloody Metro Mini!

Ok, back to the english thing, well I think I should be more serious and focus about it. I am now working at international organization, and there’s no way my english like people from remote area. So hopefully, I can pass this english matter and would be able to speak, both oral and written.

Btw, I am testing my WordPress for Blackberry. Hm I know that I’ve been so indecissive regarding what kind of handheld will suit me best. I am such an internet addict! I spend most of my sphere times in surfing, browsing, chatting, googling, facebooking, you name it ! So that certain hendhald should provide me with the best internet technology an yet easy to carry. Reason number two, I do like writting things. That’s why I signed up for this wordpress, right ? ;p. Then, the handheld should also have the best and comfortable writting tools and applications, and of course (again!) easy to carry.

So here I am! With my Blackberry and mobile wordpress ! Oh, I am so excited! In the future, i can be more productive in wrtting with this mobile wordpress !

Ups! I am late for the class. C ya!


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